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its military, Hua said. ??For historical reasons, the international community?? and especially Japan's neighbors keep a close eye ??on Japan's mil6

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itary moves, she told a routine press?? briefing. "We have every reason to remain on high?? alert," she added. The original Kaga was sunk by 0

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a joint mi??litary drill featuring rescue and disaster alleviation in southwest China?? from Nov. 13 to 18, China's military spokesperson Wu Qian told a press b??riefing on Thursday. A total of 134 land forces from the Southern Theate??r Command of the People's Liberan

tion Army and 89 from U.S. Pacific forces?? will take part in the drill at a training base in the Southern Theater C??ommand in Kunming, Yunnan Province. The 0

drill will be carried out in lin??e with the consensus reached by the two armed forces, and the participant??s will undertake humanitarian rescue and9

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disaster reduction operations at?? high altitude, Wu said. The spokespersonS

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also confirmed salary rises fo??r Chinese servicemen, saying it would inspire them to perfl

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  • lled "China threat," a??s an0
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